Ed Dwight

Ed’s childhood dream was to be an artist, however, his life experiences and passion for the arts, have really shaped him into the prolific artist he is today. His innate ability to create life and breathe soul and mobility into his works, provides collectors with a unique and spectacular work that involves the viewer in the creative process. The “negative space” concept, which was developed by Ed early in his career, can be seen throughout his Jazz Series. This concept has been emulated by many artists, and today is commonplace in the art universe. Today Ed is moving into new areas, still creating new concepts in art while continuing to enchant the public with his unique gift of story telling through his hands, as a sculptor. Ed has been inundated with with public art projects throughout the country. His most active year was 2001, unveiling four major monuments including the first bi-national monument dedicated to the International Underground Railroad Movement in Detroit, MI and Windsor, Canada; the African American History Monument on the Capitol Grounds in Columbia, SC, and a memorial to George Washington Williams, the first Black legislator in the State of Ohio; installed in the State Capitol in Columbus, OH. To date, Ed has created over 100 memorials, monuments and public art installations, as well as some 18,000 gallery level sculptures. Included is the largest Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, to date, installed in Denver, CO.

Early Black Immigrants



Sisters of Kilimanjaro (SOLD)

20_sisters of kilamanjaro

The Hands That Picked Cotton (SOLD)