Sherry Shine

Sherry Shine has always loved to draw. She created her first mural (a huge drawing of her whole family and some friends from the neighborhood) at the age of three. She got in trouble for creating the mural on her bedroom wall then trying to hide it behind some pillows on her bedroom wall. While in high school, an art teacher cultivated her talent and became a strong mentor for Sherry. Sherry went on to attend Morris Brown College in Atlanta GA, on a scholarship to study Business and Hotel Management Many years after graduating from college, Shine again became interested in art and took some general art classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Then one day a friend who was a long arm quilter offered to teach Sherry how to quilt and she was hooked! Shine learned all about traditional quilting, cutting and piecing of fabrics together. Shine attended a lecture on the dyeing of fabrics and how to make the fabric an art quilt, and that helped her to understand what she needed to do. ”My creativity and curiosity were ignited and my passion for art quilts was formed” recalls Shine. The art of Sherry Shine has been exhibited across the country in galleries, colleges, and museums including Bank Street College, New York, NY, Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, Michigan, The Bedford Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY, Manhattan Community College, New York, NY and The National Constitutional Center, Philadelphia, PA. Shine currently resides in New Jersey with her family.

Sitting Pretty in Pink by Sherry Shine

Sitting Pretty in Pink by Sherry Shine


Tea-Time Chat on a Sunny Day (SOLD)

Tea-Time Chat on a Sunny Day by Sherry Shine

We Are Black Wall Street (SOLD)

We Are Black Wall Street by Sherry Shine

Hard Days Work (SOLD)


I Am Illustrious (SOLD)

21_8 i am illustrious_fmd

It’s All About The Dress (SOLD)


Messages Under Blue Sky (SOLD)


North Star Message (SOLD)


Quilting Time (The Seeds You Sow) (SOLD)


Reparations Are Necessary, Social Justice #1 (SOLD)

19 soicaljustice

Reparations Are Necessary, Social Justice #2 (SOLD


Sisterhood (SOLD)



Tea Time (SOLD)


Tea Time in Black and White (SOLD)


Tea Time in Blue (SOLD)


The Gardeners by Sherry Shine (SOLD)

The Gardeners by Sherry Shine