How Deep The Sin by Yolanda Ward


Artist insightThe Clotilda was the last known slave ship to bring captives to the U.S. It was burned and scuttled to hide the evidence. This immoral act is not just in our past, it continues to bear witness to the injustices of the present time. Its darkness keeps light from entering. But if one can survive, then one can ask for forgiveness.

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How Deep The Sin by Yolanda Ward is an original collage on canvas composed of paper hand-made by the artist, vintage paper, and some acrylic. Click here to view more available original works by Yolanda Ward. Price includes S&H only. Call (502) 568-2005 to purchase or inquire about custom framing. Payment terms available.

Unframed size: 48″ w x 60 h″
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Dimensions 48 × 60 in