Mommies Garden by Yolanda Ward


As a child I was always watching. Curiosity and my determination to see the story behind everything encountered, lead me to my own conclusions of what I observed. I believe my mother had a hard life, the one thing that brought her joy was her garden. It was beautiful. She called it communing with nature. I wish I could have given her more time in her garden.

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Mommies Garden by Yolanda Ward is an original collage on canvas composed of paper hand-made by the artist , vintage paper, and some acrylic. Click here to view more available original works by Yolanda Ward. Price includes S&H only. Call (502) 568-2005 to purchase or inquire about custom framing. Payment terms available.

Unframed size: 48″ w x 60 h″
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Dimensions 48 × 60 in