The White Vase by Yolanda Ward (SOLD) Commissions are available!


The White Vase Series is a metaphor for my breast cancer journey. Being filled and surrounded by so many things…good and bad. Through the darkness there is always light. You can’t have one without the other. The winds may blow… and they did… Still I stand, maybe a little altered, but still I stand.Everywhere I turned, there it was and so was GOD. I am the vase and the light is the LORD MY GOD!!!

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The White Vase by Yolanda Ward is an original collage on canvas composed of paper hand-made by the artist , vintage paper, and some acrylic. Click here to view more available original works by Yolanda Ward. Price includes S&H only. Call (502) 568-2005 to purchase or inquire about custom framing. Payment terms available.

Unframed size: 36″ w x 48 h″
Item #: 145061

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Dimensions 36 × 48 in